Thursday, July 8, 2010

New York Continued!

Ok so I tried really hard to do the whole travel log journal thing, but we were on the go so much that I was just too exhausted and hot by the end of the day to post.  Please forgive me! 

I finally somewhat unpacked, if my mother could see my living room now, she would have a fit!  Luckily she always calls before she comes over. LOL!  I managed to dig my camera out of the mountain of luggage and clean laundry, I have just been so unmotivated to put things away, I am so not setting a good example for Gouda, I gotta get back on track.  Anyway, I wanted to share the rest of our pictures with you all.  I hope that you enjoy!

Not only is this a nail salon, it's also a tattoo parlor, a hair salon, they also offer piercings and they buy gold!  Talk about one stop shopping.  Look at closely at the sign, a full set is $14.99, a fill is $11.00 and the part that's flipped up says that a pedicure is $11.99!  On my first trip to New York, I thought that this shop was unique, but there are at least 3 others like it on one block!  I love this city!

Juniors Restaurant.  For those of you familiar with Puff Daddy's (now P. Diddy, I think?) show making the band, this is the restaurant that he made the band walk to across the FDR.  

Riding along side Central Park, all the lights as far as you can see were red.  

Now they are all green! LOL!

A glimpse of 42nd Street!

Fancy Mickey D's on 42nd Street.

I just thought that this building on Canal Street was really pretty.  I love the ornate Asian detailing.

We had a name sign made for Gouda while we were on 42nd Street.  He was so talented all of the letters were Asian inspired objects.  It looks really cool!

This is a shot of Schnookie's childhood building in Brownsville.

Thanks for traveling with us!

Musings Happen,


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