Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Finished It!

I finished my very first crochet project! I am way to hype over it. I walked all around the house posing in my new hat. I felt like American's Next Top Model.

Ugh this shirt is sooooo not flattering! Lol!

If anyone has any tips on hat patterns please let me know. I am working on a matching scarf, I'll post pictures when it's done!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twitter Contest! I Never Win Anything!

So I have become a Twitter nut!  I check in at least twice a day, and about a week ago I caught a contest from Zoya .  If I remember correctly the question was what are your favorite things to do in the summer.  I answered: going on a cruise, hanging with fam and trying to stay cool.  Nothing terribly special about the answer, right? But I won!!!!  Well I was one of three winners, but still!!!!!!  I got to pick one polish and I didn't even have to think about it, I picked Jolene a bright (not neon) Barbie pink!  I can't wait to wear her.

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I Could Be Crude, But I Am A Lady!

Interesting post title right, I tried to think of a catchy title to go with today's NOTD, but I couldn't come up with anything clean, and well I am a lady! LOL!

I have been craving Deborah Lippmann's Between the Sheets since it came out, and I finally caved when I saw Evil Angel's swatch.  Lucky for me, had a 20% off sale, so I jumped on BTS and Waking Up In Vegas (which is backordered).  Also if you haven't heard, Deborah Lippmann is going to have some really great blingtastic polishes coming out for Fall and the Holidays!  A sneak peak can be seen at All Lacquered Up.

Between The Sheets

Application on this beauty, was terrific, Debbie does nail polish verrrrrrrry well.  As I was typing that I was thinking about  Debbie does Dallas....... I know I know, I am struggling to stay out of the gutter! LOL!!!  

Anyway I had no issues with application, I love the bottle, the brush and most of all the formula.  BTS is a lovely fuchsia almost neon not quite a jelly cream.  I really like it, but to spice it up a bit I used a couple of pre-sliced fimo cane flowers that I picked up from Sally's, I really think that they are cute and I might order a few more from ebay.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yarn Yarn Everywhere

I can't stop, it's like I am obsessed or something!  Well I am probably am a little obsessed, but that's kind of my personality.  I don't really understand moderation, when I am excited about something. LOL!

I can't stop buying yarn!  Somebody Help me please.  Ok no I don't really want help, I am enjoying this.  I won't keep posting yarn skein pictures, but I since I am early in my collection I thought that I would post my new arrivals!

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I Need More FingerPaints!

Hey Ya'll! 

I am going to keep the commentary short today, I am working on a crochet sampler of all the stitches I have learned so far for class on Thursday.  Although I am probably going to have to go in on Monday for help with this stupid flower! LOL!

Anyway I ran into Sally's because, well because I had a coupon and I couldn't let it go to waste. I picked up 4 more of the new FingerPaints.

Sapphire Shimmer, Hue Rang, Easel-y Entertained and Louvre This Pink

I really like FingerPaints polishes, application is usually very good and I really like the handle and the brush length.  Although I did experience some difficulty with the application of Louvre This Pink.  It applied a little streaky and kind of gunky.  I added 3 drops of thinner and it wasn't gunky/gloopy anymore but it was still streaky, so I used 3 thin coats and this evened out the streakiness.  I love the color and I am really digging the cream finish.........................

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Official I Am A Hooker!

Ok ya'll get your minds out of the gutter! Today was my very first crochet class!  I scoured the internet for hours for a good class, with a teacher who could teach left handed crocheting.  I finally found one and let me tell you she is the best!  I actually left the store, feeling confident and drum roll please.....................................crocheting with my RIGHT HAND!  Now to everyone that knows me this is astonishing, especially since my right hand is really only used as an accessory to my left hand, but as Sandy explained, my right hand is really only holding the hook while my left hand does all of the work.  Which after today, makes perfect sense.  Of course I will never hear the end of this from my mother, who tried (in her own special way) to teach me.  In my quest to learn how to crochet, I found out that Charlotte has some really great local yarn stores.  As much as I love Maryjo's Fabrics, I think she may have a run for her money with the LYS.  And if you know me then you know I couldn't leave Charlotte Yarn

without making a purchase.  This is a darling LYS with a beautiful variety of yarns.  Remy and Sandy are the best.  I felt at home immediately upon entering the shop.  Sandy worked with me one on one for well over two hours, she was so patient and kind.  I really enjoyed today, and can't wait for my class tomorrow. 

My second yarn purchase, now I have 4 skeins of yarn!  I bought a basket to 
house all of the yarn, I am sure that I will outgrow it soon!

This is my practice piece, no it's not straight, probably not to gauge and I am sure that
I missed some stitches, it's tight in some places and too loose in others, but by george 
I think she's got it!  Of course with more practice! LOL!

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Blotched Repair Job

First let me warn you that these pictures are horrible, not just the quality but the subject as well!

I don't usually like to put people or businesses on blast, but this place is ridiculous!

Its located in Northlake Mall. Gouda and I went to the mall so that she could spend her gift certificate at the Sanrio store.

Please understand that I don't usually go to mall salons, so this was big for me. I have been nursing a crack on my middle finger of my left hand. It's a pretty deep crack so if it were to break it would be quite painful. I have tried everything; gel resin, silk wrap, Orly repair kit, plain nail glue and nothing seems to work.

So with great reluctance and because it was there I went in, and let me tell you I should have turned right around and left, but I didn't I trudged on.

The nail tech roughed up my nail surface just a bit so that wasn't bad. Then she proceeded to glob a bunch of gel onto my nail, not even bothering to go all the way to the tip. But what she lacked at the tip she made up for at my cuticle. I swear I have never seen so much product pooled up in the cuticle before. Ok by this time I am really frowning and she notices, quickly reassuring ne that she will fix it. So I cured for 15 minutes, I've never had gels before but this seemed like a long time for 1 nail.

After I cured she buffed it twice and slapped one coat of polish on it and smiled. She actually said it looks natural, pretty right! I thought what in the world!

Does this look natural to you? I was extremely displeased and she knew it. I wouldn't let her fix it because I wanted to make a point of making sure that i share my experience. Its very important that you all go to reputable nail salons.

I came home and soaked for 2 hours trying to remove this ness! So now I am back to the glue. Let's hope it holds, but even if it doesn't it's better than this......

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet and Sassy Violetta

My NOTD is making me quite happy today.  She is making me feel sassy, vibrant and beautiful.  Without further ado I bring you POP Beauty Violetta.

Violetta is a shy neon cream beauty, it was almost impossible to capture her in all her glory. I tried outside front yard and back yard I tried in front of the window and in the bathroom, yet she still failed to reveal her true self to my camera.  I am still waiting for my camera to return, he said that he needed a few moments to gather himself.  Can't say that I blame him.

Like most neon polishes, it dries to a very matte finish, although it's nothing that Seche Vite can't handle.  Although some may like the matte finish Violetta.  This is the only Pop Beauty that I own, they can be purchased on and  Just  little secret between us is cheaper! 

My pictures are pulling a little more pink, but in person she is definitely a strong bright purple.  Think Color Club Mrs. Robinson.  Although I haven't swatched Mrs. Robinson they look pretty close in a bottle comparison.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Here She Is Miss America.......

I just think that this is one beautiful $3.50 a bottle nail polish.  Just look at the flecks of glitter, Grape A Licious is one talented babe!

Application was a little tricky and I needed to use thinner right away, the brush was also like a mop, so I had to take my time and try really hard not to make a mess.  Glitter polishes usually take more patience on my part, especially since I don't really like to do clean up.  I used three thin coats and I let each coat dry almost completely before applying the next coat.  This process seems to work really well, when I am applying glitter.

I have a few pictures of this beauty queen, so no more yapping from me on to the pics.......

Sorry for the state of my cuticles, we are in the process of peaceful negotiations. LOL!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Icings Mini Haul

Hey Ya'll!

Now that I have my baby (iPhone) back I decided to venture out today.  You guys just don't understand what a funk I was in without my baby.  It seems silly I know, but our whole lives were on my baby.  But all is well again, and I swear I won't mention it again! LOL!

So anyway, since all was back to normal and I still wanted to pick up a few things for Gouda's birthday, I headed to the mall.  One of the best things about living in the Queen City are the malls, so many different ones to choose from.  I stayed on my side of town and went up to Northlake Mall.  They have the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store, which happens to be one of Gouda's favorite stores.  Which is great for me, because it's right next door to Icings! 

I popped in and they were having a sale on the nail polish so I picked up Grape A Licious which is a gorgeous grapey purple jelly with slightly darker grape glitter and turquoise glitter.  She is a beauty, and will be tonight's NOTD.  I'll post pictures of her tomorrow.  I also picked up Laura's Fave which is a gorgeous Turquoise glitter/shimmer.

On the end is OPI I Pink I Love You, which is one of those Japanese Exclusive glitters.  I first saw a picture of it on MUA and knew that I had to have it!

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Afro-Fabulous Mother's Day Gift

Hey Ya'll!

As promised here is picture of my fantastic mother's day card and gift. 

Afrobella tweeted about this new Etsy designer/store about 2 weeks ago.  I went to the Etsy site and fell in love with these earrings.  I have tried and tried to find the tweet and the Etsy site, but since my baby (iPhone) died last week I lost all of that information.  I think that I will send Afrobella an email to see if she remembers the name of the Etsy store.  I just love these earrings, if you haven't been able to tell, I like really different and unique jewelry.  Don't get me wrong, I have my everyday sterling silver kind of stuff, but when I get dressed up, I like to add a funky flair.  These definitely fit the funky requirement!

Gouda made me the cutest card........

It says I love you Mommy (I love that she still calls me Mommy even though she is almost 12) Out of the deep blue sea u r the perfect mother 4 me.  Doesn't that just melt your heart!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OMG My Baby Is Gone

Ok so maybe that's a little dramatic. My baby ( my iPhone) was laid to rest last Thursday. It's been quite a devastating week for me, but I am back in business now! Schnookie came to my rescue with a new 16gb Iphone! Yeah baby!

I'll be back in a little bit to post my NOTD and my Mother's Day Gift. Speaking of Mother's Day, I hope that you all had a great one!

More later today!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mimi The Polish Not The Grandma

Hello All!

Today's NOTD is ZOYA Mimi from the Sparkle Collection layered over 1 coat of NFU OH 555.  The NFU OH went on rather streaky, which didn't really concern me, since I was only using it as a base coat for darling Mimi.  By the way Gouda calls my mom Mimi. Just a tidbit I thought I would share.

Mimi (the polish) is  gorgeous sparkley royal purple, I feel like royalty, so rich looking.  Almost like amethysts, which is one of my favorite gems.  Enough babbling from me on to the pics.....

Nfu Oh 555 and Zoya Mimi





Lets Pretend like I meant for this to be blurry. But since it is, this pic 
really shows the sparkle/glitter of Mimi.

Musings Happen,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Job Interview

Hey Ya'll!

I had a job interview today!!!! YAY!!!!! It's been a while, I was truly surprised that I got a call, usually it's been a NO THANK YOU letter or email.  Needless to say I was very nervous, so nervous I worked myself up into a tizy and almost had an accident on the way to the interview.

I think that the interview went well, please everyone keep your fingers crossed and maybe send up some good vibes and prayers for us, here at JennyKaye's!

Musings Happen,


p.s. I went with a very safe but boring NOTD.  I wore Sparitual (LOVE) Paradigm Shift, a really pretty off white/cream color.  Nothing fancy, but maybe it will bring good luck!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh June Bug, How I Wanted To Love Thee

This is such a unique polish.  It has a lot going for it, the smokey grayed out blue, the hot pink glitter, the flash of a tealish green. It's almost unheard of that, all of these wonderful items would be combined into one polish, it's just heaven waiting to happen, or is it?

 Isn't she a beauty in the bottle?

I swatched June Bug back in December/January when I first got it, and I was immediately in love with it.  Not so much today.  Maybe it just isn't for me........

I was inspired to try it again, because Evil Angel tweeted that she had just done a mani, and it was instant love.  I knew then that I would have to wear it........didn't work out quite like I wanted it to.  Check out how great it looks on Evil Angel

I think that I'll put June Bug away, and maybe try her another day!

Musings Happen,


MMMM Hungry - Quilt Sandwich!

Hey Ya'll!

I know that ya'll thought that you would never hear about Gouda's quilt again, but I am finally back to work on it!  I have a confession to make.........drum roll please..............I HATE quilting!  There I said it, I love making the quilt tops, in fact I love everything about quilting, but quilting!  Crazy right?!?  So, because of my intense dislike for quilting the finished project I usually lay it to the side and try to forget about it, until I just can't take the mocking look of the unfinished project any longer.

 Ms. B laying out the batting!  She's just so helpful!

And because I will hopefully be working on Gouda's room re-do soon, I needed to get this quilt done.  No it's not actually done, but all of the pinning is, and since I am only going to quilt in the ditch, it shouldn't take longer than an afternoon to complete.

 Gouda trimming the batting.

 The finished quilt top upside down.

The quilt sandwich. Waiting to be pinned and quilted.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taste of Charlotte Part Deux

Hey Ya'll!

Schnookie has been really surprising me lately.  He took me to lunch two days in a row last week!  Usually we eat a bite at home, but he was feeling a little frisky, so we went out.  I must admit I like the friskiness!

So on the advice of one of my closet friends, Sebastian we decided to try the LandMark Diner located here in the Queen City!  We weren't exactly sure where it was located, so we plugged the address in the old trusty gps and we soon realized that we have past this place a thousand gazillion times!  The Landmark is located right around the corner from my dream nail supply store, but they won't let me shop there, so I just walk slowly past the windows, hoping that one day they will take pity on me.

We were greeted quite warmly by the hostess as well as this beautiful dessert display, I could hardly concentrate, I was thinking so hard about what dessert I was going to have!

 The quite impressive, dessert counter!

The desserts are all made fresh, right there at the diner! OMG Can you now understand my concentration issues?

The menu is also quite extensive, it's almost like a mini novel!  It took us almost 20 minutes to decide.  I finally settled on the chicken salad club and it was out of this world fantastic!  Schnookie ordered the philly cheesesteak, which was huge and quite juicy.  I have this thing for wet bread.......

Schnookie hiding behind his menu!

Chicken Salad Club with homemade Coleslaw

Then the moment of truth finally came and I could order my dessert.  Although I would never say this in front of Gouda, I did not finish my meal, but I got dessert anyway!

Raspberry Cheesecake!

Words can not even describe what this cheesecake tastes like! It is just indescribably good, just know that I will be marrying this cheesecake in the near future!  Schnookie order the 80 million layer chocolate cake, I am telling you people this thing was huge and very very rich!

If you are ever in the Queen City, you must absolutely must visit the LandMark Diner!  Thanks Sebastian!

Musings Happen,