Monday, May 3, 2010

MMMM Hungry - Quilt Sandwich!

Hey Ya'll!

I know that ya'll thought that you would never hear about Gouda's quilt again, but I am finally back to work on it!  I have a confession to make.........drum roll please..............I HATE quilting!  There I said it, I love making the quilt tops, in fact I love everything about quilting, but quilting!  Crazy right?!?  So, because of my intense dislike for quilting the finished project I usually lay it to the side and try to forget about it, until I just can't take the mocking look of the unfinished project any longer.

 Ms. B laying out the batting!  She's just so helpful!

And because I will hopefully be working on Gouda's room re-do soon, I needed to get this quilt done.  No it's not actually done, but all of the pinning is, and since I am only going to quilt in the ditch, it shouldn't take longer than an afternoon to complete.

 Gouda trimming the batting.

 The finished quilt top upside down.

The quilt sandwich. Waiting to be pinned and quilted.

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