Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday's Great Mail Haul Day!

Check out the fabulous-ness that I received in the mail on Friday!  I ordered these about a week ago, Diamond Cosmetics, has great shipping and even better customer service!

Diamond Cosmetics (with Flash)
Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle, Hot Lips, Tranquility, Serendipity, Gypsy Pink, Razzmatazz

Diamond Cosmetics (without flash)
same order as above

Hot Lips, Tranquility, Serendipity, Gypsy Pink and Razzmatazz are all apart of the new spring collection for Diamond Cosmetics.  There is also an Orange, that I did not order.  Diamond Cosmetics polishes apply really nicely, have a great brush and the wear is right up there with some of the high end nail polish brands.  Check out their website, Diamond Cosmetics, you won't be disappointed.  Well I am off to exercise, and then I'll be back with my NOTD, I think that I'll try Razzmatazz!

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Gouda as Beyonce`

In celebration of Black History Month, Gouda's school held a program last Friday night.  It was terrific, the students and teachers really put a lot of thought and preparation into the event.  Each of the students had to pick a person that made a difference, supported unity, and had an impact on the African American culture as a whole.  It just so happens, that Gouda idolizes Beyonce` Knowles, so she is who Gouda decided to be.  The students were to dress like their idols, so my mission was to make Gouda over into Beyonce`.  This was no easy feat, but it was definitely fun.  We decided to go with a Beyonce` who may have performed very casually.  I am good, but I couldn't pull off her performance outfits.  So we went with skinny jeans, heels, a silk shirt, big sunglasses and of course the long flowing auburn hair.  I might be slightly hugely bias, but I think that Gouda, looked great.  Peep out the pictures of my SASHA FIERCE!

All Beyonce`ed Up!

Gouda's Wax Museum Pose

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I must appologize in advance for a short post today.  I am feeling a little........

So I am going to head out to one of my favorite places Hobby Lobby and see if I can cheer myself up.  I am actually half way to being cheered up with my NOTD.

For today's manicure I chose NARS Purple Rain.  It is a beautiful, glowy purple that if I am not mistaken flashes red and blue.  It's really hard to explain, how beautiful this polish is, and I can't believe that I almost passed on it.  I'll let the pictures do the talking!



Way blurry so that you can see the glowiness of this color!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belated Valentine's Day Present and My NOTD

Good Late Late Afternoon Friends!
Today was a very very good day!

Schnookie surprised me with my belated Valentine's Day present.  He ordered it but it took a little longer to get here than he anticipated.  I must say that I love this ring.  I originally saw it in a weekly magazine called Skirt! way back in November.  I fell in love with it, of course being the woman that I am I stragetically left copies of Skirt! all around the house, where I knew Schnookie couldn't help but see it.  He grunted at it a lot, but finally said that he didn't think that it suited me.  My little heart was crushed, mashed, and broken into a thousand pieces, but I conceded and didn't mention the ring again, until I saw it last month in another magazine.  This time the longing for this ring hit me even harder than it did in November.  Schnookie replied the same way he did in November, so of course I am now way more determined to make this ring mine.  I would just have to wait a little longer.   So today I am sitting at my desk on the telephone with my best girlfriend Eish and he grabs my hand from behind and SLIPS THE RING ON MY FINGER!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS I NEARLY PASSED COMPLETELY OUT! I squealed like a lady banshee,  jumped up and smothered his face with kisses.  Eish is very understanding of my theatrics, so she patiently waited.  On to the picture of my darling darling long time lemming.  This beauty can be found online at Mexico and Venezia.
Of course to go a long with this beauty, I had to have the right NOTD.  I picked up so many lovely nail polishes on Sunday, but I decided to go with an untried that I have had for a couple of weeks. 

It is an Ulta Exclusive OPI called Pink Me I'm Good.  I don't believe that OPI had a Valentine's collection this year, so I am assuming that this would be their contribution to the holiday.  (If someone knows differently, please let me know.)  Pink Me I', Good is a translucent jelly glitter packed polish.  I originally thought that it would be dupey to China Glaze's Strawberry Fields, but it is not, SF has gold shimmer, whereas PMIG has gold glitter which in some lights flashes blue and green.  It is a very pretty pink, makes me feel all girly and frilly, but sophisticated as well. 

The application on PMIG is tricky.  It is a jelly and it is packed and I mean packed with glitter.  I used several drops of thinner, before I used it.  OPI's brush is the pro-wide, which can make applying glitters somewhat goopy.  But with the thinner, it was all good.  I used 3 thin coats, and I let each coat dry pretty throughly before the next coat, that way I was able to avoid bald patches.  I also applied 2 coats of Revlon Extra Life Topcoat, because glitter's can dry pretty gritty and leave a texture.  On to the nail of the day pictures.  If someone would like to see comparison pictures of China Glaze Strawberry Fields and OPI Pink Me I'm Good, just leave me a comment and I'll be more than happy to post pictures.  Take a peek below at my NOTD and my fantabulous Valentine's Day present!

Kind of a blurry picture so that you can see the texture and the glitter.

There's my pretty!




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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Todays Haul and NOTD

Hi-di-Ho Friends,

Today I promised schnookie a manicure as part of his birthday, so I "needed" to run out to Sally's Beauty Supply.  I picked up the usual, sugar scrub, nail polish, and acetone.  I also grabbed a Mango Mend travelers pouch that was on clearance.  SCORE!  I wished they had more, I would have cleaned them out.  I love Mango Mend products.  

I honestly didn't intend to purchase any polish today, but they had China Glaze on sale and on clearance, so I picked up Secret Peri-wink-le and Dreamsicle.  Dreamsicle was on clearance and I have loved all of the Specialty Glitters that I have tried, so I decided to pick this one up as well. It's such a pretty tangerine color packe full of holographic glitter.  Just to die for!  So since the hauling bug, had bitten me, I headed on over to Walgreens to look for the Milani Holos and Neons.  They only had the neons so I picked up Rad Purple.  I will need to make a note to do some comparison swatches with this, ZOYA Juicy, POP BEAUTY Violetta, and COLOR CLUB Mrs. Robinson.  Those are the only neon purples that I can think off of the top of my head.  I'll make sure and go through my spreadsheet to see if I have any others to add. 

Of course since I found Rad Purple, I had to, absolutely had to go to Ulta and pick up a couple of the new OPI Hong Kong's.  However; once I got there the only HK that really grabbed my attention was Suzi Says Feng Shui, so I grabbed that one, it's a really pretty dusty blue.  Definitely more muted than Dating a Royal.  I don't have anything like it in my collection.  I also grabbed Do You Lilac It and one of the new Ulta Salon Formula polishes, Material Girl. Material Girl is a beautiful plum full of mulitcolored holographic glitter.  I'll definitely need to compare it with OPI DS Extravagence.

Ok by this time I am in nail polish heaven and I am just tickled to death.  So I head over to look at some Lippman, Nars, and Chanel.  Once at Nordstrom's I picked up Lippmann Collection Holiday, Nars Purple Rain and I finally succombed to Chanel's Particuliere.  

I think that I have died and gone to heaven!!!  It's been the best nail polish day in a long time!!  Take a peek below for pictures of my haul and my NOTD!

Sunday's Haul!  So many pretties, so few fingers! 

NOTD China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-LE


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Schnookie's Birthday!

Hi-Ho Friends!

Yesterday was schnookie's birthday!  He was the big 3 5.  He is getting old, but I still love him.  Since I can't hold water I gave him his gift early.  I always get so excited, usually I don't even give it to him wrapped.  However this year I was able to show a little restraint, and I gave it to him in the HomeGoods/TJMaxx bag, yes I removed the receipt first.  He is such a wonderful gift giver, I really have to pay attention to things when he mentions something, which he usually does in passing.  As you will see from his gift, Schnookie is very practical!

Yep he asked for a salt and pepper mill.  Such an unusual gift, but I was really siked when I found this one.

The fam and I decided to take him to lunch at a really cool Chinese/Mongolian Buffet place, in South Charlotte.  It was really good.  We will definitely be going back.  Now I must tell you that getting 7 people anywhere at a specific time, well I should say that getting these 7 people together at a specific time can be very difficult.  It takes us about 10 minutes to just get in the car. So we get to the restaurant, and everyone is enjoying the food and the company, when Brains (my middle sister) gets up to go fix another plate, (even though she is already stuffed to the gills and doing chest pump outs to try and make more room)  walks up to the bar and promptly proceeds to knock over the whole stack of clean plates.  She looked like a juggler, who just learned how to juggle and not even that well.  This unfortunately is not uncommon with our family.  Nor was this the only misadventure of the day, Schnookie in all his story telling glory, promptly falls to the ground, the chair having crumbled right from under him.  Needless to say we hollered and cried for almost 20 minutes, the restaurant staff was horrified, they kept making sure that he was alright. Once the fam composed ourselves, we quietly, well not quietly left the restaurant.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hippe Chick Flower Power Quilt

Good Evening Friends,

I have been working on a quilt for Gouda, for the past couple of weeks or so.  It's actually a pretty easy pattern and currently my favorite.  I found the pattern on Amy Butler Design it's called Lotus Brick Path Quilt.  Amy Butler has beautiful fabrics, I really dig her style, very funky, using florals, stripes and damask in unusual ways. If you haven't already definitely check out her website!

So I got the bright idea to re-do Gouda's room.  Now friends, this room is usually a disaster zone.  We only have 1 child, but I swear her room usually looks like 30 kids live and play in there.  I used to get all worked up over it, but now I just roll with the punches and try not to look at it as I walk by on my way to the man cave.  Anyway I said that this room usually looks like a disaster zone, but last Sunday ( a glorious snow day, with a hill right outside, just beckoning to Gouda to slide down it) we cleaned it from top to bottom for over 3 hours!  Now I don't want you to get the idea that I actually cleaned anything, I am a firm believer in cleaning up your own mess, so my job was to sit on the bed and point at what needed to be cleaned.  Oh and I also held the trash bags so they wouldn't fall over, all the while watching HGTV.  We took 3 lawn and garden size trash bags down to the dump.  It was unbelievable, especially since we just moved into this house less than 6 months ago.  Sadly I realized that my daughter is a pack rat and should be on that show Hoarders!

Back to the room re-do, when we moved in we painted the walls a light pink.  I am fairly confident that we will keep this color but I am open to any suggestions.  I have recently found some peace sign art at HomeGoods/TJ Maxx.  I am thinking about asking my friend Cleats (she used to play Soccer) if she can design something like the peace signs for me.  If not I may try with scrapbooking paper, before I break down and buy them.  We are going to be purchasing new bedroom furniture from Ikea (the only set we found that all three of us agree on), so in the below pictures ignore the gross old furniture.

So on to the pictures:

This should give you an idea about the wall color.  Also excuse the crooked pictures, in an effort to let go and not be so anal, I allowed Gouda to hang her own pictures 
when we moved in.  Yep, you got it, they drive me nuts!

Here is the one of the not so groudy furniture pieces, that we will be replacing.  
The drawers don't actually work anymore, they are now just for decoration!

This is the quilt.  It's only about half way finished.  The colors are browns, pinks, limes, teals, oranges and purples.  I have named it Hippie Chick Flower Power.  This quilt is loud, bright, down to earth and full of love, just like my Gouda.  This picture is taken with the flash.

Without flash, so that you can get more of a feel for the actually colors in the quilt.  I will 
post pictures once it is completed. I will also post pictures of Gouda's dungeon,  room once it is completed.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Current NOTD

Good Afternoon All!  Today I thought that I would share my nail of the day.  I recently filed my nails down to nubbins, I like them this length.  Luckily I have long nail beds and long fingers - which reminds me of a short story I would like to share: I was getting a pedicure at my favorite shop at the beach, my usual manicurist wasn't available so her husband did my pedicure and manicure.  So there I am soaking away, enjoying some peace and quiet and he just burst out, rather loudly I might add that I had long skinny fingers and short fat toes.  I had never really noticed the difference in my appendages, but as I gazed down I saw that he was right.  Oh well! The Schnook loves that story as he is able to pick things up with his toes.  Kind of freaky!  

Anywhooo......on to my nail of the day I used my normal HOLY GRAIL products Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator (which can be found on , Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage Basecoat (which can be found on Barielle), 2 coats of Color Club Pucci-Licious and 1 coat of China Glaze Electric Lilac, and to finish it all off I use 1 coat Revlon Extra Life No Chip Topcoat and 1 coat Seche Vite.  I know it sounds like a lot of layers, but this combination works well for me, I can usually get 4 days of wear, probably longer, but I like to change at least twice a week.  Check out the pictures below!

My nails naked, well not completely naked.  I do have on basecoat. 

These are my HOLY GRAIL products!

And here is my finished NOTD.  Please excuse the wonky middle fingernail.  
She is recovering from a bad break.

Well that's all for the day, please drop me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!  I almost forgot to mention that I purchased China Glaze Electric Lilac and Color Club Pucci-Licious from Transdesign.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In The Beginning

Sooooo... this is the first post of my blog!!!!!!!  I am so excited to say the least.  My hubby aka Schnookie has been after me for many months to create a blog, it took a promise from him to get me started but here I am; ready and willing to blog.  I must say that I feel a little shy blogging, but hey, this could be very thereapeutic for me and for you all as well.  Who knows, at the very least it will be fun!

I guess I should be proper and introduce myself.  My name is JennyKaye, (it's a long story) actually I am far from a Jenny, but it's the name that my Granny has called me all my 30 ummmph something years. I am happily married to my Schnookie, he is a great guy, and I absolutely adore everything about him.  We never seem to stop laughing and he is hilarious.  We have one daughter, Gouda (not really her name, but that's what the Schnook has always called her) she is the epotomy of all good things in our life together.  She is also spoiled rotten, but that's a story for another post on another day.  There are also other supporting characters that I am sure you all will meet.  That may seem like an odd way to mention my family, but once you meet them you will understand.

I will be talking about any and everything that comes to mind, but mostly I will try to focus on sewing (my current project is a quilt for Gouda's room), decorating (I am forever redecorating our house), family (our many adventures in and outside of the United States), and last but not least nail polish (some might say that I have a little large interest obsession with all things nail polish related.  I'll let you all be the judge.  

Well I am exhausted and probably over excited more tomorrow!

Musings Happen,