Sunday, February 21, 2010

Schnookie's Birthday!

Hi-Ho Friends!

Yesterday was schnookie's birthday!  He was the big 3 5.  He is getting old, but I still love him.  Since I can't hold water I gave him his gift early.  I always get so excited, usually I don't even give it to him wrapped.  However this year I was able to show a little restraint, and I gave it to him in the HomeGoods/TJMaxx bag, yes I removed the receipt first.  He is such a wonderful gift giver, I really have to pay attention to things when he mentions something, which he usually does in passing.  As you will see from his gift, Schnookie is very practical!

Yep he asked for a salt and pepper mill.  Such an unusual gift, but I was really siked when I found this one.

The fam and I decided to take him to lunch at a really cool Chinese/Mongolian Buffet place, in South Charlotte.  It was really good.  We will definitely be going back.  Now I must tell you that getting 7 people anywhere at a specific time, well I should say that getting these 7 people together at a specific time can be very difficult.  It takes us about 10 minutes to just get in the car. So we get to the restaurant, and everyone is enjoying the food and the company, when Brains (my middle sister) gets up to go fix another plate, (even though she is already stuffed to the gills and doing chest pump outs to try and make more room)  walks up to the bar and promptly proceeds to knock over the whole stack of clean plates.  She looked like a juggler, who just learned how to juggle and not even that well.  This unfortunately is not uncommon with our family.  Nor was this the only misadventure of the day, Schnookie in all his story telling glory, promptly falls to the ground, the chair having crumbled right from under him.  Needless to say we hollered and cried for almost 20 minutes, the restaurant staff was horrified, they kept making sure that he was alright. Once the fam composed ourselves, we quietly, well not quietly left the restaurant.

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