Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gouda as Beyonce`

In celebration of Black History Month, Gouda's school held a program last Friday night.  It was terrific, the students and teachers really put a lot of thought and preparation into the event.  Each of the students had to pick a person that made a difference, supported unity, and had an impact on the African American culture as a whole.  It just so happens, that Gouda idolizes Beyonce` Knowles, so she is who Gouda decided to be.  The students were to dress like their idols, so my mission was to make Gouda over into Beyonce`.  This was no easy feat, but it was definitely fun.  We decided to go with a Beyonce` who may have performed very casually.  I am good, but I couldn't pull off her performance outfits.  So we went with skinny jeans, heels, a silk shirt, big sunglasses and of course the long flowing auburn hair.  I might be slightly hugely bias, but I think that Gouda, looked great.  Peep out the pictures of my SASHA FIERCE!

All Beyonce`ed Up!

Gouda's Wax Museum Pose

Musings Happen,


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