Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flashy Things Before My Eyes

Ok so I had the migraine flashy eye things again yesterday and a little bit today. Which means that I am due for a migraine YIPPY!

Before I am out of commission I wanted to post my iNOTD it's Zoya Laney which is part of the Reverie collection. It has a great irridescent, metallic, duochrome, oil slick quality to it very pretty silver unique to anything in my collection.

I am usually not a lover of silvers but I think that this one looks really good against my skin tone.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Wanna Sew Too

You can't go wrong with a sewing assistant like Ms. B!

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Ok I CAN Do This, Right?!?

Hello All!

This is an unusual feeling for me, and I have to say that I don't like it at all!  Almost 12 years ago I taught myself to quilt.  My grandmother was a quilter in the old fashion way, she used whatever scraps she had laying around like old dresses, sheets and pieces of fabrics.  I wanted a more modern style of quilting so I like really big stylized patterns, florals, stripes, much like Amy Butler's collections.  Anyway back to my story, I decided that I wanted to quilt, so I bought a book and some fabric and I sewed my first quilt by hand.  I didn't get a machine, until I was quilting for about 3 years already.  Well now I have decided that I want to crochet and knit.  I decided to focus first on crocheting.  

I bought a book, hooks, and some yarn and I sat down to crochet.  Well needless to say, it didn't quite go as planned it was horrible!  I am the type of person when I decide I want to do something, I do it.  Well I had decided that I was going to crochet, so I am not used to it not working out right away.  Now I am determined to crochet and then knit, it's like the universe has issued me a challenge and I have ACCEPTED!  So I decided that I needed to go to yarn shop and sign up for classes.

I visited the Yarn House, here in Charlotte.  The owner Chris, is just fantastic, and his shop is not your grandmother's yarn store.  It was very modern, I would say urban chic!  The first class available is on April 7th, so until then I will be practicing over and over the one thing that I have managed to teach myself (with Schnookie's and Chris's help) the chain stitch.  

As the universe is my witness I will have mastered the chain stitch by April 7th!

So if I can do this........


oh yeah this.......

 and this...........

then I should be able to do this.........


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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick iNOTD

Hello all! Just a really quick post. I am lounging lazily on the couch with the fam watching terrible but addicting Syfy movies. But I wanted to share my NOTD picture taken with my iPhone, so excuse the quality of the picture.

This beauty is Nfu Oh 466. Application was a little tricky, there is a learning curve with the Nfu Oh creams, but in the end it is worth it. Three thin coats works out really well!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mrs. Bigglesworth aka Mrs. B

Mrs. B is my sewing assistant, my manicurist, and the co-author of this blog.  She is always near by when I need her and even when I don't.

Her she is in action helping me write a post.

Isn't she a great co-author?

Just so helpful and talented!

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Wow Wow Diddy Mow

I decided to start this NOTD post differently.  Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow is one of 3 new polishes for the Spring/Summer season.  The theme for this collection is Urban Surfer Chic, and I must say that Ji nailed it.  No I am not a surfer, but I can surely see the inspiration for this collection.  The surfer comes in with the actual colors of blue, red and coral and the chic is the dusty grayed out look that is so on trend now.

I know that you have heard me say this before, but I absolutely LOVE Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.  They are my kryptonite.  

Diddy Mow has a very subtle silvery/pearl like shimmer, that just glows in the day light. The formula is dead on RBL, Ji is a perfectionist so she accepts nothing but the best from her lab.  I didn't have any problems with application, this polish practically applies itself.  I am alright waiting for the Fall/Winter collection.  I just can't get enough of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mail Haul and Past NOTD's!

Hello All!

Today has been an awesome mail haul day!  Schnookie didn't even blink an eye when the packages started arriving!  He's the greatest, fueling my habit and such!  Enough gushing about Schnookie, I could do that all day.  On to what I received in the mail.......

Dana, Perrie, Mimi, Alegra and a bottle of Remove+

The Zoya's are all part of the new summer collection.  Dana and Perrie are from the Flash Collection.  Mimi and Alegra are from the Sparkle Collection.  Zoya does Summer really well, they always come out with great finishes!  I don't even want to get into how great Remove+, I could gush over it, almost as long as I could over Schnookie.  Although don't just take my word on it, try it for yourself, it is spendy, but worth every penny.  Zoya is also pretty great at running promotions, if you haven't already, follow them on Twitter.

I also received my new Rescue Beauty Lounges, in the mail today!  Oh YEAH!!!!!! 2 out of 3 from the summer collection.  I got Diddy Mow and 360.  The only one I didn't get was Bangin, and yep you guessed it I feel pretty bad after seeing swatches on Tobywoo's Blog that I didn't get Bangin.  And unfortunately they are sold out, but it is my understanding from Ji's facebook page that she may have been able to place and emergency order for more.  Fingers crossed!
Look at the lovely wrapping! So chic.

360 and Diddy Mow

I also wanted to post a couple of NOTD's that I haven't posted before. 

Chi In Between The Sheets

I think that I may have mentioned before that I own several Chi's but that I hadn't used them before.  Well I gotta say that after applying this polish, I am going to be wearing the Chi's that I have.  IBTS applied really well, no cuticle drag and the formula was just right, not too thick and not too runny!  Love the color it has the dusty grayed out quality, that seems to be really popular this season.

The second NOTD that I have to show you is just terrific.  Not really sure if it's what I typically think of as a spring color, but it's pretty spectacular none the less.  It's Estee Lauder's Ultra Violet.  I applied 1 thin coat of Nfu Oh 51 (oh the flakie goodness!!!!!) (which can be purchased here on my middle fingers.  Wearing my Purdue Mani has really got me liking the accent middle finger.

Thanks for hanging in there with me today, I think that I may have babbled on longer than usual, but I am super excited about today's mail haul!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NOTD And A Fabulous Haul!

Hi-di-Ho Neighbors!

I had a great nail day yesterday!  I hit up Ross's on a word from several little birdys that they had the new Color Club Collections; Rebel Debutante and Pardon My French.  Now I must admit, the closest Ross to me is located near the University, so it is usually pretty picked over, but not yesterday!  Yeah Baby!  I struck gold, just waiting patiently on the shelves for me were the objects of my desire!  I snatched both up, and tried not to squeal with delight, but I failed miserably!  I almost did my happy dance, but then I remembered my promise to Gouda and I restrained myself.

Color Club Pardon My French

Color Club Rebel Debutante

Then since I was so close to Ulta, they had buy 2 get 1 free, and I had a coupon......well you know.  Let's not mince words, I finally picked up those Chi Polishes that I had been eyeballing!

Passionate Kiss, My Secret Fetish and In Between The Sheets

I really like the names of the Chi's they are so risque!  I have a couple already in my stash, but I don't believe that I have actually used them other than to swatch the colors.  I am definitely thinking that In Between The Sheets will be my NOTWE (nail of the weekend).

Well of course as my luck would have it, Ulta is located just a few doors down from TJ Maxx, so of course a gun was held to my head and I was forced into TJ Maxx, where I of my favorite basecoats Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage!!!!  BooooooooYawwwwwww! Yeah Baby. This time I did do my happy dance!!!!!  Oh Yeah!!!

So at this point I am exhausted and ready for lunch and home!  Grilled chicken salad for me and Schnookie, yum!

Now on to my NOTD.  These polishes were a great surprise from my friend Soccer Girl.  She was recently accepted into the graduate program at Purdue University!  You go girl, I am so excited for her, this is something that she has wanted for a long time, and she worked really hard to get to this point.  Anyway, she sent me the cutest set......

Game Day Girls Purdue University

It is so adorable, and I must tell you that this polish is a very good quality.  The black applied so nicely, if I hadn't been watching Jerry Springer when I applied it, I could have only used one coat.

Yeah can you see the wrinkle in my ring finger, sorry about that, but Seche Vite 
and Rock Hard Topcoats do not like each other!

Purdue is in the NCAA Tournament, they play on Friday!

This is the gold glitter accent color.  It applied really well not grippy like some glitters.  
Ok I can really see myself wearing these polishes regularly.

Love the decals so cute.  Hmmmmm I may have to pick one up for the TarHeels!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Nails and Such!

Schnookie made me a cabinet about 1 1/2 years ago for my nail polish storage.  It is a beautiful cabinet, but since he made it, my collection has outgrown the practicality of the cabinet.  A lot of girls on Makeup Alley use the Ikea Helmer, it has a small foot print and holds roughly 500 bottles of polish.  Still not quite enough storage so I would need 2.  However I just wasn't willing to let go of my cabinet, the style of it fits the decor of my sewing/polish room so well. So Schnookie and I put our heads together and came up with a solution.  I went to 2 Wal-Marts before I found baskets that would fit, and then to Hobby Lobby for scrap-booking paper.  

Before pictures of my polish cabinet.  As you can see this set up makes it very 
difficult to get to polishes in the rear of the cabinet.

 This is the after picture of my polish cabinet.  I added little baskets and made
fronts for the baskets out of scrap-booking paper.  The white baskets just didn't mesh well
the aesthetics of my room.

And because I was on an organization kick, I also came up with a new way to house all of my mani essentials.  I was using a basket before, but that didn't really hold my clean up brushes and files very well.
And since I was at Wal-Mart filling my cart with all of the things that I didn't come in for......I found this beauty:

 It is really just a scrap-booking tool bag.  But it works really well for my needs.

 This is my sewing/polish room.  I love my house, but of all the places in it, I think that this is
my favorite.  This is one room where I didn't have to consider anyone else, just me!

On Friday I did Brains and Lil Sis's nails.  I love spending time with my sisters, even though there is a considerable age differences between us, we get a long really well.

This is Brain's manicure, she chose Illamasqua Muse.  Which is a stunning teal color.  The 
formula on this polish is like butter, it practical applies itself.

This is Lil Sis's manicure.  She chose China Glaze Dorothy Who.  This polish is a stunner.  China Glaze never disappoints with their color range.  This is a glitter polish, it dries somewhat gritty, but with a 
good thick topcoat, it smooth as glass.  Lurve this polish!

And finally my NOTD it is the wildly anticipated MAC's Blue India.  This polish is a dusty slate blue, I don't own anything like this baby.  Sometimes MAC polishes are touch and go with their formula, but this one is dead on, I had no trouble with application.  Two thin coats and it was perfect.  Enough babbling on, see for yourself:

Sorry for the crazy long post.  I was just too excited about my organization and NOTD not to share, and once I got going, I couldn't stop.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Good Evening Friends,

I have so much to share with you all, the past couple of days has been very busy.  But in the interest of time tonight (Schnookie is waiting for me to watch a movie with him and we are without Gouda tonight) I will share just share my NOTD for the last two days and my Friday haul. 

My NOTD  was Diamond Cosmetics Hot Lips.  Let me tell you, this is one hot neon pink cream.  I have quite a collection of pinks and I must say that I don't have a shade like this one.  It is a neon cream which means it is highly pigmented and dries to a satiny finish.  I felt girly and fierce all rolled into one, wearing this shade.  Run don't walk to check out Diamond Cosmetics, you definitely won't be disappointed, I can't stress this enough.  Anyway enough jabbering and Schnookie is calling, on to the pics!

Diamond Cosmetics Hot Lips

This is part of a mail haul and part of a Nordstroms run.  I just had to have MAC's Blue India.  Unfortunately this is sold out on Mac's website, but I believe that Nordstroms still has it in stock.  It's worth a call to your local MAC counter to get this one.  The packaging is just to adorable for words.

Mac Blue India, Estee Lauder Ultra Violet, Nfu Oh 444 and Nfu Oh 466
with flash

Same order as above but without flash.

Gotta run movie is starting!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Myrtle Beach Weekend

The fam and I used to live in Myrtle Beach.  We haven't been there in almost a year so we decided to ride down for the weekend.  Our friends Veggie Man and Eish just recently bought a country home, so we were dying to see them and the new place.  

We had a great time and picked up right where we left off, that's the great thing about true friends, no matter how much time has actually passed, it feels like none has passed.  We love those guys, a whoooooole lot.

Schnookie dared us all to take off our shoes in run in the water! Yep you guessed it this water was FREEZING!

Schnookie and Eish


Me, Eish and the Veggie Man

 Another couple on the beach wrote this, we thought it was a fitting theme for this weekend!

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