Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NOTD And A Fabulous Haul!

Hi-di-Ho Neighbors!

I had a great nail day yesterday!  I hit up Ross's on a word from several little birdys that they had the new Color Club Collections; Rebel Debutante and Pardon My French.  Now I must admit, the closest Ross to me is located near the University, so it is usually pretty picked over, but not yesterday!  Yeah Baby!  I struck gold, just waiting patiently on the shelves for me were the objects of my desire!  I snatched both up, and tried not to squeal with delight, but I failed miserably!  I almost did my happy dance, but then I remembered my promise to Gouda and I restrained myself.

Color Club Pardon My French

Color Club Rebel Debutante

Then since I was so close to Ulta, they had buy 2 get 1 free, and I had a coupon......well you know.  Let's not mince words, I finally picked up those Chi Polishes that I had been eyeballing!

Passionate Kiss, My Secret Fetish and In Between The Sheets

I really like the names of the Chi's they are so risque!  I have a couple already in my stash, but I don't believe that I have actually used them other than to swatch the colors.  I am definitely thinking that In Between The Sheets will be my NOTWE (nail of the weekend).

Well of course as my luck would have it, Ulta is located just a few doors down from TJ Maxx, so of course a gun was held to my head and I was forced into TJ Maxx, where I of my favorite basecoats Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage!!!!  BooooooooYawwwwwww! Yeah Baby. This time I did do my happy dance!!!!!  Oh Yeah!!!

So at this point I am exhausted and ready for lunch and home!  Grilled chicken salad for me and Schnookie, yum!

Now on to my NOTD.  These polishes were a great surprise from my friend Soccer Girl.  She was recently accepted into the graduate program at Purdue University!  You go girl, I am so excited for her, this is something that she has wanted for a long time, and she worked really hard to get to this point.  Anyway, she sent me the cutest set......

Game Day Girls Purdue University

It is so adorable, and I must tell you that this polish is a very good quality.  The black applied so nicely, if I hadn't been watching Jerry Springer when I applied it, I could have only used one coat.

Yeah can you see the wrinkle in my ring finger, sorry about that, but Seche Vite 
and Rock Hard Topcoats do not like each other!

Purdue is in the NCAA Tournament, they play on Friday!

This is the gold glitter accent color.  It applied really well not grippy like some glitters.  
Ok I can really see myself wearing these polishes regularly.

Love the decals so cute.  Hmmmmm I may have to pick one up for the TarHeels!

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