Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flashy Things Before My Eyes

Ok so I had the migraine flashy eye things again yesterday and a little bit today. Which means that I am due for a migraine YIPPY!

Before I am out of commission I wanted to post my iNOTD it's Zoya Laney which is part of the Reverie collection. It has a great irridescent, metallic, duochrome, oil slick quality to it very pretty silver unique to anything in my collection.

I am usually not a lover of silvers but I think that this one looks really good against my skin tone.

- Musings Happen,


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  1. I agree it looks very pretty on you:)

  2. I likey. Sincerely, Flee

  3. thanks rmcandlelight - you are so sweet!

  4. Thanks girl! The flashy things usually serve as a warning, so if I take something right when they start, I can usually avoid a migraine.

  5. I hope you feel better :) I'm not much for silvers either (i prefer gold),but this is gorgeous!