Monday, March 15, 2010

Nails and Such!

Schnookie made me a cabinet about 1 1/2 years ago for my nail polish storage.  It is a beautiful cabinet, but since he made it, my collection has outgrown the practicality of the cabinet.  A lot of girls on Makeup Alley use the Ikea Helmer, it has a small foot print and holds roughly 500 bottles of polish.  Still not quite enough storage so I would need 2.  However I just wasn't willing to let go of my cabinet, the style of it fits the decor of my sewing/polish room so well. So Schnookie and I put our heads together and came up with a solution.  I went to 2 Wal-Marts before I found baskets that would fit, and then to Hobby Lobby for scrap-booking paper.  

Before pictures of my polish cabinet.  As you can see this set up makes it very 
difficult to get to polishes in the rear of the cabinet.

 This is the after picture of my polish cabinet.  I added little baskets and made
fronts for the baskets out of scrap-booking paper.  The white baskets just didn't mesh well
the aesthetics of my room.

And because I was on an organization kick, I also came up with a new way to house all of my mani essentials.  I was using a basket before, but that didn't really hold my clean up brushes and files very well.
And since I was at Wal-Mart filling my cart with all of the things that I didn't come in for......I found this beauty:

 It is really just a scrap-booking tool bag.  But it works really well for my needs.

 This is my sewing/polish room.  I love my house, but of all the places in it, I think that this is
my favorite.  This is one room where I didn't have to consider anyone else, just me!

On Friday I did Brains and Lil Sis's nails.  I love spending time with my sisters, even though there is a considerable age differences between us, we get a long really well.

This is Brain's manicure, she chose Illamasqua Muse.  Which is a stunning teal color.  The 
formula on this polish is like butter, it practical applies itself.

This is Lil Sis's manicure.  She chose China Glaze Dorothy Who.  This polish is a stunner.  China Glaze never disappoints with their color range.  This is a glitter polish, it dries somewhat gritty, but with a 
good thick topcoat, it smooth as glass.  Lurve this polish!

And finally my NOTD it is the wildly anticipated MAC's Blue India.  This polish is a dusty slate blue, I don't own anything like this baby.  Sometimes MAC polishes are touch and go with their formula, but this one is dead on, I had no trouble with application.  Two thin coats and it was perfect.  Enough babbling on, see for yourself:

Sorry for the crazy long post.  I was just too excited about my organization and NOTD not to share, and once I got going, I couldn't stop.

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