Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In The Beginning

Sooooo... this is the first post of my blog!!!!!!!  I am so excited to say the least.  My hubby aka Schnookie has been after me for many months to create a blog, it took a promise from him to get me started but here I am; ready and willing to blog.  I must say that I feel a little shy blogging, but hey, this could be very thereapeutic for me and for you all as well.  Who knows, at the very least it will be fun!

I guess I should be proper and introduce myself.  My name is JennyKaye, (it's a long story) actually I am far from a Jenny, but it's the name that my Granny has called me all my 30 ummmph something years. I am happily married to my Schnookie, he is a great guy, and I absolutely adore everything about him.  We never seem to stop laughing and he is hilarious.  We have one daughter, Gouda (not really her name, but that's what the Schnook has always called her) she is the epotomy of all good things in our life together.  She is also spoiled rotten, but that's a story for another post on another day.  There are also other supporting characters that I am sure you all will meet.  That may seem like an odd way to mention my family, but once you meet them you will understand.

I will be talking about any and everything that comes to mind, but mostly I will try to focus on sewing (my current project is a quilt for Gouda's room), decorating (I am forever redecorating our house), family (our many adventures in and outside of the United States), and last but not least nail polish (some might say that I have a little large interest obsession with all things nail polish related.  I'll let you all be the judge.  

Well I am exhausted and probably over excited more tomorrow!

Musings Happen,


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