Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belated Valentine's Day Present and My NOTD

Good Late Late Afternoon Friends!
Today was a very very good day!

Schnookie surprised me with my belated Valentine's Day present.  He ordered it but it took a little longer to get here than he anticipated.  I must say that I love this ring.  I originally saw it in a weekly magazine called Skirt! way back in November.  I fell in love with it, of course being the woman that I am I stragetically left copies of Skirt! all around the house, where I knew Schnookie couldn't help but see it.  He grunted at it a lot, but finally said that he didn't think that it suited me.  My little heart was crushed, mashed, and broken into a thousand pieces, but I conceded and didn't mention the ring again, until I saw it last month in another magazine.  This time the longing for this ring hit me even harder than it did in November.  Schnookie replied the same way he did in November, so of course I am now way more determined to make this ring mine.  I would just have to wait a little longer.   So today I am sitting at my desk on the telephone with my best girlfriend Eish and he grabs my hand from behind and SLIPS THE RING ON MY FINGER!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS I NEARLY PASSED COMPLETELY OUT! I squealed like a lady banshee,  jumped up and smothered his face with kisses.  Eish is very understanding of my theatrics, so she patiently waited.  On to the picture of my darling darling long time lemming.  This beauty can be found online at Mexico and Venezia.
Of course to go a long with this beauty, I had to have the right NOTD.  I picked up so many lovely nail polishes on Sunday, but I decided to go with an untried that I have had for a couple of weeks. 

It is an Ulta Exclusive OPI called Pink Me I'm Good.  I don't believe that OPI had a Valentine's collection this year, so I am assuming that this would be their contribution to the holiday.  (If someone knows differently, please let me know.)  Pink Me I', Good is a translucent jelly glitter packed polish.  I originally thought that it would be dupey to China Glaze's Strawberry Fields, but it is not, SF has gold shimmer, whereas PMIG has gold glitter which in some lights flashes blue and green.  It is a very pretty pink, makes me feel all girly and frilly, but sophisticated as well. 

The application on PMIG is tricky.  It is a jelly and it is packed and I mean packed with glitter.  I used several drops of thinner, before I used it.  OPI's brush is the pro-wide, which can make applying glitters somewhat goopy.  But with the thinner, it was all good.  I used 3 thin coats, and I let each coat dry pretty throughly before the next coat, that way I was able to avoid bald patches.  I also applied 2 coats of Revlon Extra Life Topcoat, because glitter's can dry pretty gritty and leave a texture.  On to the nail of the day pictures.  If someone would like to see comparison pictures of China Glaze Strawberry Fields and OPI Pink Me I'm Good, just leave me a comment and I'll be more than happy to post pictures.  Take a peek below at my NOTD and my fantabulous Valentine's Day present!

Kind of a blurry picture so that you can see the texture and the glitter.

There's my pretty!




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