Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blotched Repair Job

First let me warn you that these pictures are horrible, not just the quality but the subject as well!

I don't usually like to put people or businesses on blast, but this place is ridiculous!

Its located in Northlake Mall. Gouda and I went to the mall so that she could spend her gift certificate at the Sanrio store.

Please understand that I don't usually go to mall salons, so this was big for me. I have been nursing a crack on my middle finger of my left hand. It's a pretty deep crack so if it were to break it would be quite painful. I have tried everything; gel resin, silk wrap, Orly repair kit, plain nail glue and nothing seems to work.

So with great reluctance and because it was there I went in, and let me tell you I should have turned right around and left, but I didn't I trudged on.

The nail tech roughed up my nail surface just a bit so that wasn't bad. Then she proceeded to glob a bunch of gel onto my nail, not even bothering to go all the way to the tip. But what she lacked at the tip she made up for at my cuticle. I swear I have never seen so much product pooled up in the cuticle before. Ok by this time I am really frowning and she notices, quickly reassuring ne that she will fix it. So I cured for 15 minutes, I've never had gels before but this seemed like a long time for 1 nail.

After I cured she buffed it twice and slapped one coat of polish on it and smiled. She actually said it looks natural, pretty right! I thought what in the world!

Does this look natural to you? I was extremely displeased and she knew it. I wouldn't let her fix it because I wanted to make a point of making sure that i share my experience. Its very important that you all go to reputable nail salons.

I came home and soaked for 2 hours trying to remove this ness! So now I am back to the glue. Let's hope it holds, but even if it doesn't it's better than this......

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  1. Sorry about the bad nail job. Don't you just wish sometime when someone ask you a Dumb A question and you know they know its a Dumb A question - that you could just B!+@# slap them right there on the spot. Kinda like a determent for wrong or unacceptable behavior. (lol). flee

  2. I know girl! I was fuming! But you live and learn I'll never visit that shop again, not even for a polish change!

  3. Aw, yeah imo gels, acrylics are bad for your nails and I don't care what salon you go to. She didn't even out the nail. Just use a silk wrap and some glue. You may have to do this several times until your nail grows out. :)