Sunday, May 2, 2010


This one deserves to be right at the beginning of the post, not in the middle or toward the end, because she's just that fierce!  BEHOLD Zoya Malia!  I love, love, love this polish.  Two of my most favoritest things (yes I said favoritest)  in the world are pink and purple.  Although I think that purple may be overtaking my love of pinks, as I have 10 baskets of purple and only 9 baskets of pinks! LOL!!!

Malia went on a little streaky with the first coat, but the second coat got rid of all the streak and everything was nice and smooth with the third coat.  As always, I applied three really thin coats of polish.  I know that some people have difficulty with Zoya's formula, but I find that they are very easy to apply, and they wear like iron on me.

Malia for some strange reason reminds me of my grandma.  Which is really odd, because she definitely was not a pastel purple kind of girl, she was rough around the edges but still soft and sweet.  Maybe that's why I like this color so much, it's not your typical lilac-y purple, it has some edginess to it, but still sweet and pretty.

Musings Happen,



  1. Malia is so pretty on you!! I have to add this one on my list for the exchange. lol!!

  2. Thanks Rhonda! I need to get my list together for the exchange. What do you have on yours?