Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taste of Charlotte Part Deux

Hey Ya'll!

Schnookie has been really surprising me lately.  He took me to lunch two days in a row last week!  Usually we eat a bite at home, but he was feeling a little frisky, so we went out.  I must admit I like the friskiness!

So on the advice of one of my closet friends, Sebastian we decided to try the LandMark Diner located here in the Queen City!  We weren't exactly sure where it was located, so we plugged the address in the old trusty gps and we soon realized that we have past this place a thousand gazillion times!  The Landmark is located right around the corner from my dream nail supply store, but they won't let me shop there, so I just walk slowly past the windows, hoping that one day they will take pity on me.

We were greeted quite warmly by the hostess as well as this beautiful dessert display, I could hardly concentrate, I was thinking so hard about what dessert I was going to have!

 The quite impressive, dessert counter!

The desserts are all made fresh, right there at the diner! OMG Can you now understand my concentration issues?

The menu is also quite extensive, it's almost like a mini novel!  It took us almost 20 minutes to decide.  I finally settled on the chicken salad club and it was out of this world fantastic!  Schnookie ordered the philly cheesesteak, which was huge and quite juicy.  I have this thing for wet bread.......

Schnookie hiding behind his menu!

Chicken Salad Club with homemade Coleslaw

Then the moment of truth finally came and I could order my dessert.  Although I would never say this in front of Gouda, I did not finish my meal, but I got dessert anyway!

Raspberry Cheesecake!

Words can not even describe what this cheesecake tastes like! It is just indescribably good, just know that I will be marrying this cheesecake in the near future!  Schnookie order the 80 million layer chocolate cake, I am telling you people this thing was huge and very very rich!

If you are ever in the Queen City, you must absolutely must visit the LandMark Diner!  Thanks Sebastian!

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  1. You are making me hungry girl!! lol!!

  2. Girl you need to come to Charlotte! Lots of great places to eat!