Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh June Bug, How I Wanted To Love Thee

This is such a unique polish.  It has a lot going for it, the smokey grayed out blue, the hot pink glitter, the flash of a tealish green. It's almost unheard of that, all of these wonderful items would be combined into one polish, it's just heaven waiting to happen, or is it?

 Isn't she a beauty in the bottle?

I swatched June Bug back in December/January when I first got it, and I was immediately in love with it.  Not so much today.  Maybe it just isn't for me........

I was inspired to try it again, because Evil Angel tweeted that she had just done a mani, and it was instant love.  I knew then that I would have to wear it........didn't work out quite like I wanted it to.  Check out how great it looks on Evil Angel

I think that I'll put June Bug away, and maybe try her another day!

Musings Happen,



  1. I think it looks lovely on you. I so wanted this when it first came out. Do you know if it's still available or was this one LE?

  2. I want this so bad! When you get bored of it we can make a swap! :)
    Nice blog, I follow you!

  3. Hi Theallamenta! I will give it one more shot and if I am still not feeling it, I would be happy to arrange a swap! Thanks for following!