Friday, May 7, 2010

Mimi The Polish Not The Grandma

Hello All!

Today's NOTD is ZOYA Mimi from the Sparkle Collection layered over 1 coat of NFU OH 555.  The NFU OH went on rather streaky, which didn't really concern me, since I was only using it as a base coat for darling Mimi.  By the way Gouda calls my mom Mimi. Just a tidbit I thought I would share.

Mimi (the polish) is  gorgeous sparkley royal purple, I feel like royalty, so rich looking.  Almost like amethysts, which is one of my favorite gems.  Enough babbling from me on to the pics.....

Nfu Oh 555 and Zoya Mimi





Lets Pretend like I meant for this to be blurry. But since it is, this pic 
really shows the sparkle/glitter of Mimi.

Musings Happen,


  1. Jen, Love it on you!! I'm such a sucker for purple :)

  2. nice really eye catching i too suffer from purple-itis like real bad- no doctor needed just more purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do love purples! I tend to buy any and all purples even if they are dupes. I just can't help myself! LOL!!