Friday, May 14, 2010

Here She Is Miss America.......

I just think that this is one beautiful $3.50 a bottle nail polish.  Just look at the flecks of glitter, Grape A Licious is one talented babe!

Application was a little tricky and I needed to use thinner right away, the brush was also like a mop, so I had to take my time and try really hard not to make a mess.  Glitter polishes usually take more patience on my part, especially since I don't really like to do clean up.  I used three thin coats and I let each coat dry almost completely before applying the next coat.  This process seems to work really well, when I am applying glitter.

I have a few pictures of this beauty queen, so no more yapping from me on to the pics.......

Sorry for the state of my cuticles, we are in the process of peaceful negotiations. LOL!

Musings Happen,



  1. Thanks I don't usually buy Icing's nail polish, but this one really caught my eye!