Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Could Be Crude, But I Am A Lady!

Interesting post title right, I tried to think of a catchy title to go with today's NOTD, but I couldn't come up with anything clean, and well I am a lady! LOL!

I have been craving Deborah Lippmann's Between the Sheets since it came out, and I finally caved when I saw Evil Angel's swatch.  Lucky for me, had a 20% off sale, so I jumped on BTS and Waking Up In Vegas (which is backordered).  Also if you haven't heard, Deborah Lippmann is going to have some really great blingtastic polishes coming out for Fall and the Holidays!  A sneak peak can be seen at All Lacquered Up.

Between The Sheets

Application on this beauty, was terrific, Debbie does nail polish verrrrrrrry well.  As I was typing that I was thinking about  Debbie does Dallas....... I know I know, I am struggling to stay out of the gutter! LOL!!!  

Anyway I had no issues with application, I love the bottle, the brush and most of all the formula.  BTS is a lovely fuchsia almost neon not quite a jelly cream.  I really like it, but to spice it up a bit I used a couple of pre-sliced fimo cane flowers that I picked up from Sally's, I really think that they are cute and I might order a few more from ebay.

Musings Happen,



  1. Very pretty! When I hear between the sheets I think of Barry White :)

  2. Hey E.A. thanks I thought it looked so great on you especially with the corset. It just pushed me over the edge!

  3. Hey RM! I didn't even think of Barry White, you see where my little wicked mind went LOL!