Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Need More FingerPaints!

Hey Ya'll! 

I am going to keep the commentary short today, I am working on a crochet sampler of all the stitches I have learned so far for class on Thursday.  Although I am probably going to have to go in on Monday for help with this stupid flower! LOL!

Anyway I ran into Sally's because, well because I had a coupon and I couldn't let it go to waste. I picked up 4 more of the new FingerPaints.

Sapphire Shimmer, Hue Rang, Easel-y Entertained and Louvre This Pink

I really like FingerPaints polishes, application is usually very good and I really like the handle and the brush length.  Although I did experience some difficulty with the application of Louvre This Pink.  It applied a little streaky and kind of gunky.  I added 3 drops of thinner and it wasn't gunky/gloopy anymore but it was still streaky, so I used 3 thin coats and this evened out the streakiness.  I love the color and I am really digging the cream finish.........................

Musings Happen,



  1. i am really i love with the fingerpaints variety of colors and i'm into the etch&sketch the new green one, laught my art off, art of theft, whew when i can im going back with my renewal coupon and get something else. if they could get that duochrome going, i would be a happy woman- especially the prices are really good i've noticed a buck cheaper oneline wtf-look when you can at the fp on the sallys webpage its 2.99 and it aint hard to spend 50.00 and get free shipping. nice post also the laugh my art off appears to be a dupe for charla(zoya)

  2. The pink looks good on you. I have some of the new polishes too. To the lady above laugh my art off is no dupe to Charla. They are totally different :)

  3. Hi Aaminah's Mom! I love your new profile picture, she is adorable! I am actually going to go back and pick up a couple of the new greens! I don't usually wear green, but they look like fun!

  4. Hey RM! Thanks girl! Do you think that I need Charla? I have been wrestling with getting it.