Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chef Gouda

Plain and simple, Gouda loves to cook.  She's not much for cleaning up, and since I am sort of a neat freak, we make a good kitchen duo.

She wanted to fry catfish, so since I can eat seafood all day long, I said sure.  So off to the market we went.

Don't you just love her ensemble?  I swear I don't let her leave the house like this.  Why the red towel you might ask.  According to Gouda, all great chef's have a towel close by and you can't get any closer than your shoulder.

Gouda not only loves to cook, she also loves the camera! LOL!!!

Fried Catfish.  Yummy!

Fried Shrimp.  Yes Please!

It's always interesting cooking with Gouda.  And dinner was to die for!  
Also at the risk of braggin.........Gouda aced the sixth grade with all A's and B's!  WOOHOOOOOO!!!

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  1. Hold up...putting on shoes, grabbing car keys. I'll be right over you can go ahead and make my plate. Thanks Gouda and Jenny you girls are the best!! :)