Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chinchilly FeFiFo Milly Chinchilly

Hey Ya'll!

I had an interview on Friday and a second interview on Monday.  I decided to wear Essie Chinchilly, I feel like it's somewhat of a neutral, but not your average run of the mill boring neutral!

I really like this color and I understand from All Lacquered Up that it is quite similiar to Lippmann Collection Waking Up In Vegas.  I don't know have the Lippmann, although since I love this mushroomy gray type of color, I am sure that I will end up with it soon.

The application was spot on, not troubles at all I used two coats.  I also love Essie's brush, it's so easy for me to control, which means that I usually have minimum clean up afterwards.

Musings Happen,



  1. I love these type colors and are drawn to them as well. It looks great on you. Did you get the job?

  2. Really nice shade. :)
    Love Grays,

  3. Hey Rhonda! I love these colors too! I haven't heard back from the job yet. Please keep me in your thoughts.