Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Am A Lousy Blogger!

Once again I have to apologize for my absence.  Things have been really hectic around here.  School is almost done for the year! Thank Goodness, I didn't know if we were going to make it, but we did and Gouda made all A's and B's.  We are so proud of her.

As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, Schnookie had surgery on the 1st.  He had a relapse and had to go back into the hospital over the weekend.  I am tremendously happy to report that he is once again home and on the mend.  The pain meds knock him out, but he is taking fewer than he was a few days ago.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I did manage to polish my nails late last week, while Schnookie was dosing and I finished my crochet hat and scarf.  I am now working on a new hat and a curly scarf for Gouda.  Of course they will be pink, as this is her signature color.....LOL!!

Anyway, I don't have much longer, I am cooking dinner and waiting for my base coat to dry.  I should be back on schedule, and back to regular blog posts!

Mac Scorcher I wore this for almost 4 days, and I had no chip wear.  I love Mac nail polishes.  I also bought In the Buff, I haven't even swatched this one yet.  I have to apologize for the poor quality, I think that my camera, may need hospice, I am working on getting a new one, please bear with me.  Application on this was kind of touch and go, I needed three coats to even it out.  My picture is leaning a little orange, but it does have a lot of pink in it as well.  I'll redo this mani later next week and try to get better pictures.

This is my finished hat and scarf.  I made both out of 100% wool.  Wool is nice, but it can be rough on the fingers.  I think that I may prefer really soft yarn, but  I am still a newbie to crocheting and yarn.

Now this picture didn't come out so bad, maybe my camera, just hates neons
and almost neon colors? Hmmmm.

Gouda helped me take this photo, she's a good little assistant, although this picture is a little blurry,
I think that you can see the flower detail on the hat.  I used red heart yarn for the flower, not 
sure if I like this particular collection of red heart yarn.  This yarn really tore my 
fingers up, I had yarn burn for days! LOL!!!

Musings Happen,



  1. hi there that wool is GONNA itch like a mofo :) anyhoo im glad to hear from ya. life is funny that way- thats why i just read blogs instead of actually bloggin, because i have a 19 yr old and a 3 years old(WTF)!!!!! thats a nice creation and like me............................
    you always make a hat&scarf combo thats the way- have you tried any multi's yet well shake it easy ttyl. musings DO happen

  2. Hey J, Good to see you again. You did a terrific job on that hat and scraf. I hope it doesn't irritate your skin. I passed on Mac scorcher but after seeing your pictures maybe I should have gotten it :) I did pickup in the buff and did a post on it. Yeah photographing neons are really hard. I need a new camera too :(

  3. Taking care of family first does not make you a bad blogger - it makes you a good mother and great care giver!! Faith First, Family Second and everything else will fall into place in its due time.

    Great job on the crocheting. I used to do such festive creative musings, but my hands won't allow me to do them anymore, But it's all good - cause I can still polish my nails and blog - so I'm good!! :-)

    Keep up the great work!!

  4. Hi Aaminah's Mom! I can't believe that you have a 19 yr old and a 3 yr old OMG! You are awesome! I like the structure that wool has, but I definitely won't be wearing the scarf against my skin, I'll have to drape it over my coat collar! LOL!

  5. Hey RM! I need to check out your post on In the Buff. I haven't even been reading the blogs that I follow, I am trying to get back into the swing of things. You definitely need Scorcher, it is so pretty!

  6. Thanks for the positive words Audrey! I really needed them!