Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jess Is The Best

Hello Friends,

My baby sister's birthday was on the 9th. I really had to think about whether or not I was going to post about this, because I will never hear the end if it. She will swear up and down that she is the best and deserves a post all to herself.

Just between us, she really is a great sister and aunt! But I'll plead the fifth if ever asked about it! LOL!

I'm not really sure why the frowny face in this picture.

We had a great time celebrating her birthday (weekend). Why she thinks she gets to celebrate for a full weekend, we will never know. Although she is the baby and quite spoiled, rotten even.

See what we have to live with? Gotta love her though, as I had a huge hand in making her spoiled rotten! Again I'll deny all of this in a court of law! LOL!

- Musings Happen,


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  1. She only wanted to celebrate a weekend. Thats really good. As a Febby baby - I try to celebrate every day of my short lil month (especially on the weekends) At the rate I'm going - my 50th birthday will need to be clebrated at the Stadium. LOL. What kind of cake was that - Looks YUMMY! F. Lee