Monday, April 5, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Hey Ya'll!

I have been in a pink mood lately. All shades of pink, baby, hot, milky, neon, you name it as long as it's pink.  It's not even just limited to nail polish, pink clothes, fabrics, yarns, it must be a spring thing! 

So for my Easter mani I finally settled on OPI's Passion for NY Fashion.  It's an oldie, but goody!  It stinks all to high heaven, which I absolutely love!  I miss the smell of the preBig 3 nail polishes.  PNY does not have a prowide brush, which made me laugh gleefully out loud.  Which is rather embarrassing since I was alone, Gouda popped her head around the corner to see what I was cackling about, she just shook her head and went back to watching Nickelodeon. 

I have had this polish for well over 4 maybe 5 years and I believe that I have only worn it once or twice, because I didn't think that it was a "me" shade of pink.  But as I was applying it yesterday, I made a mental note to wear this color more, because if I put modesty aside for a moment, it is SMASHING on me!  On to the pics!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, the picture of a very tiny, mini nail polish haul.  I have a few other shades, that I want to pick up, a couple from BB Couture (Overallbeauty) and a couple of Lippman Collection polishes.  After those purchases I may have to slow down, because I have my eye on some yarn that I want to start hoarding collecting crocheting new projects.

Milani Holo Digital, Nina Ultra Pro In a Tiff, Orly Snowcone, FingerPaints Add & Abstract, 
FingerPaints Blissfully Blue, and Milani Neon Techno Red

Musings Happen,



  1. What a gorgeous pink! It looks lovely on you :)

  2. You are absolutely correct that pink does look smashing on you! Nice little haul there :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate your great comments!

  4. Fabulous pink! I look forward to seeing the other colors you picked up. I totally get the yarn thing, I have fabric stashed away that I keep buying even though I don't really know how to sew ^_^;

  5. Hi Thea love your tweets! I probably should really learn to crochet first, I am still working on the chain stitch, but the yarn is calling to me!

  6. Hi Kitty! I love fabric as much as I love nail polish! And I can see yarn being the same way! I am definitely planning on posting the other colors soon! Thanks for stopping by!