Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pink Polka Dots - Ooh LaLa

Hey Everybody!

I like pink, gray and polka dots.  I mean I really love polk dots, anytime I sew I always try to include at least one polka dot fabric.  In Gouda's quilt I used three or four! Something about polka dots, make me feel all girly and cutesy.  So for today's mani, I decided to try out one of my new Nfu Oh's.

Nfu Oh 302, Color Club Pink Lust, and Scrapbooking Embossing Tool (Polka Dot maker)
It's number 302, which is the lighter of the gray creams, that I showed you all yesterday.  My only complaint about Nfu Oh's is the lack of names, polish as good as this deserves a name, I hate the numbering system!  Sorry I digress, back on topic.....  I used Color Club Pink Lust (I think, this came out of a set from Ross, which also wasn't named. GRRRRRRR!) for the polka dots.  I think that the brightness of this pink, plays nicely against the battleship gray cream of 302.  I have the sassy girly girl of the pink and the sophisticated chic of the gray, I feel very cutting edge! LOL!


Musings Happen, 


  1. Such a pretty manicure. I love it.

  2. hahahah this is awesome! wanna guest blog on my blog?

  3. I like that combo!! Pink and grey is not something I would have thought to put together, but me likes it!! Great job!!

  4. I love pink and grey together very girly with the dots :)

  5. I love this grey on you and I really like the grey/pink combo. =)