Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh How I Love Thee

Hi dee ho Neighbors!

I love my mail lady!  There it's out in the open, I love her to pieces.  I feel so much better, now that I have declared my love for her openly!  She is always early when there is good stuff in the mail, most days she doesn't come until well after 3pm, but when nail goodies are on their way, she always seems to be early!  Gotta leave her something nice, soon! LOL!

Anyway, on to the haul pics!

Revlon Bubble Gum, Grape Icy (I already had these) Nfu Oh's 84, 301 and 302.  
This picture is with the flash on, it's been so dreary and rainy here.

Thanks for looking!
Musings Happen,