Monday, April 5, 2010

Ready For The WNBA?

Hello Friends!

Needless to say my sisters and I are extreme girly girls! Any endeavor is usually completed by a little scream or maybe yip is a better word. Schnookie says that we sometimes talk at an octave that only dogs and mice can hear. Sweating is also usually not an option, but miracles do happen from time to time.

Brains' childhood friend Bball Girl spent the day with us this past weekend. Bball Girl played basketball when she was in college so she was the only one who actually knew what she wad doing.

The girls were hype and wanted to play HORSE.

I am not really familiar with HORSE but this particular version if the game took almost an hour. That just doesn't seem right, but who knows when stuff like this happens.

Again folks, this is supposed to be HORSE not one on one play action.

Just check out this form isn't she graceful!

Later on three on three play actually erupted much like a volcano does. Schnookie and I joined in, it was not a pretty sight nor would anyone actually say that we were playing basketball. It was so unsightly that there is no picture evidence, you'll just have to take my word for it. We are not ready for the WNBA.

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